The Techniques For Strengthening Our Memory

0 September 13th, 2009

It is known since the times of ancient Greeks and Romans that our memory can be improved and enhanced. To improve our abilities to memorize and remember things we simply need to keep our mind challenged and active. It is, actually, very important to improve our memory and keep it well-operating in order not to face some disorders of memory. Frequently such disorders of memory, like lapses or slips, are caused by age or occur after some biological changes in organism. Also they can be a result of some serious diseases, like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

Training MemoryThe best examples of developing and strengthening our LTM include using some supportive techniques when learning some new material. For example, in order to memorize the material better, it is always very useful to make some notes when studying. Such writing down gives time to repeat and get concentrated on the piece of the material more precisely.

Repeating the things is also useful for improving of our STM. For example, when we need to keep in mind 6 or 7 digit telephone number, it is better repeat it couple of times in mind or aloud (to make our audio memory work). But the best trainings to develop our memory, especially LTM, are special mind games and memory exercises, like solving crosswords, puzzles, etc. Nowadays new logic-based games of Japanese origin like “sudoku” or “kakuro” became very popular. This game is very helpful for improving human memory and logic.

It is remarkable that some specialists underline importance of normal regular sleep for good operation of LTM. There is an interesting theory, which was developed by Dr. Eugene Tarnow in 2003 by using some previous findings of specialists, like Penfield and Rasmussen. The theory describes the relation between our dreams and LTM. According to it, information is stored in our LTM in “dream-like” format. And our dreams at night are composed from some random pieces of information, which we store in our LTM.

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